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Josh Wulf

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Big Data, Big Heart Hackathon

A hackathon to create a new future for several communities.

Josh Wulf

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Big Data, Big Heart

In October 2017, I had the absolute privilege of organising the CloudTrek Big Data, Big Heart Hackathon.

Cloud Trek’s MD, Neil Hitz, came to me with the idea for a Hackathon event that would have a humanitarian / social impact.

I used the training I got in the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program to structure the event. In that program you do a project where you mobilise one community (the target community) to cause an impact in another community (the beneficiary community).

We enlisted three great organisations: Diabetes Queensland, Epilepsy Queensland, and RACQ LifeFlight as our beneficiary community, and created a hackathon community to impact them.

The Ideation Night

With CloudTrek and Amazon in our hackathon community, we enlisted 120 participants from the Brisbane tech community. Eighty people came to the ideation night, held at Amazon’s offices downtown in Brisbane.

The Hackathon Itself

Our youngest pitcher on Friday night was Ruben Bliss, 11:



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